Light vs. Dark

June 17, 2019

I was working on a personal project photographing cupcakes and my initial idea was to capture the subject in light mood. I picked my background and props based on what my goal was, but then of course I had to play around and see how do they look like on dark background? How dramatic does that change the mood of final image?

The food is exactly the same in both light and dark scenarios, even the light is the same (it’s photographed in studio with sofbox and scrim on left side with the bounce on the right side), however the mood changed dramatically. Simple example like that shows how important it is to know what mood are you going after, what is your goal for the final image? What is your brand message?

Especially I find it important photographing for my clients. I always suggest to do the mood board, often people will pick the images for mood board without thinking either they want to have light or dark mood. However, once they make a selection and look at the mood board, they realize all the images are often either light or dark.

What is your preference? Do you think cupcakes look tastier in light or dark images?

Hope you have a delicious day,



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