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Airisa Photography • Vancouver


Airisa (pronounced – Irisa) is a Metro Vancouver based commercial photographer who specializes in food, product, interior, and lifestyle photography. Airisa loves photographing still life, however can’t live without working with other people and brings lifestyle feel into her images whenever possible.

Airisa is originally from Latvia, where she lived in small town and close to nature until she moved to Canada almost 10 years ago. Airisa has the best memories about slow and authentic living back home with small markets she visited on Saturday mornings with mom and delicious home-made food. Airisa brings European feel to the imagery she creates starting from prop selection to food styling.

Her images are shaped by light, captured creatively and edited to perfection. Airisa has great attention to smallest details and considers herself perfectionist.

Airisa STUDIED AND graduated photography program at VANCOUVER Langara College in 2018, where she discovered her passion for photography and fell in love with creative process.

Airisa’s work have been published in magazines likes Edible Vancouver, Applied Arts, and Blush Vancouver.


Airisa Photography • Vancouver


product photography – airisa specializes in product photography that elevates your brand and tells a story. she is Passionate about products for home, beauty and products related to food and beverage. airisa loves working with brands that think about sustainably, our footprint on earth and visuals. products can be photographed in studio, on client’s location or outdoors. airisa provides photo shoot production services and helps clients to source location, models, Hmua, stylist or any other related services.


food photography – airisa works with restaurants, chefs, bloggers, cafes, cooks to capture the food in the most delicious way. she loves to create photos that show authenticity of place the food comes from. food photography can be done for menu, advertisement, marketing materials, websites and more. airisa has experience in food styling from over 10 years shooting food, however on more advanced shoots she would work with food stylist and prop stylist to capture the smallest detail.


lifestyle photography – airisa shoots lifestyle work for different brands that are looking for human element in photos and to show the use of product or service. lifestyle work often includes people portraits, animals, part of living at home, everyday moments that are captured candidly and artistically.


portraits – portraits for individuals or groups. airisa captures portraits for businesses, headshots, personal portraits and creative potraits.


interior/exterior photography – airisa is passioned about environment and spaces around us, she captures the space in a way it allows to breath and shows simplicity yet beauty of each space she photographs. 


travel photography – airisa is a traveler herself and have traveled to multiple locations close and far to capture people, spaces, everyday moments. she has her own print shop with the best captures of her travels:



Airisa Photography • Vancouver


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